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regiment that kicks off a whole slew of activities daytime fireworks, we will have the whole run down for you so you can make plans to come here to mount vernon. all right thank you very much for that. that will do it for us at 6 now over to alison and tony. good morning. >> good morning thank you so much. >> all right the 4th of july fireworks came a day early in the form of thunder and lightning. strong storms rolled through last night bringing with them 70-mile per hour winds on the national mall crowded with people hoping to watch the dress rehearsal for the capitol 4th concert what to expect today weather wise. then live on the mall with what you need to know if you are planning to head down there to watch the big fireworks show and concert tonight. tomorrow congress comes back early from vacation are they making progress on this looming debt deadline. fox 5 morning news continues at
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7 right now. what a beautiful picture a live lookout doors on this 4th of july morning. a gorgeous shot looked better than last night when mother nature put on her own show. we are not totally in the clear today good morning i am tony perkens in for steve. >> i am alison seymour good morning for you. yesterday's storms turned deadly a 56-year-old man was killed when a tree fell on him riding his bike near mile marker 33 near maryland. >> arlington virginia some residents will spend their holiday cleaning up homes, yards, cars were covered with trees, branches and other debris that came down last night in the storms. in the district the national mall had to be e
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evacuated thousands were there to watch the dress rehearsal. it went on but had to be closed to the public. >> i grew up in wyoming when they say thunder storm i don't mess around with that. i don't want to be on an open field i was looking forward to this but there is always next year. you don't have to wait until next year catch the concert and fireworks tonight we will check with sarah live on the national mall. first we want to get a check on the forecast and say welcome back to you, from vacation. >> thank you. >> get a check on the forecast with tucker barnes. >> good morning tony alison, 70- mile per hour wind gusts on the national mall that is how intense the storms were quieter weather returning this morning can't rule out the possibility of a shower, thunder storm later today. right to satellite radar as the frontal system trying to get through the area doesn't have
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enoughism to get to the south. cloud cover to search through the morning, sunny conditions during the course of the day a few sprinkles, southwest of the city toward charlotte much much quieter this morning most of today should remain dry just a few pop up thunderstorms later this afternoon, 3, 4, 5:00 p.m. later today right now regan national, 74, 76 ocean city. your forecast for the 4th of july typical weather expected highs, low to mid-90s. let me emphasize the heat bring along a lot of water a few storms possible later today the timing 3, 4, 5:00 p.m. today. >> more details on the forecast, a look at the rest of the week in a minute, your
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latest with lauren. if you are heading downtown keep in mind a lot of road closures, take metro. more on that in a moment first i want to talk about roads dealing with effects from last night's storm in arlington video of north glibe road, between 32nd and 38th street, power cables across the roadway, crews trying to get that cleared out for you, north glebe between 32nd and 38th in arlington. nice light volume out there, 56 inside the belt way, 270, no problems frederick through german town and rockville toward the split travelling the belt way everything is incident free route 50 making the trip across the bay bridge nice and easy right now of course later today between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. will be your peak travel time watch for congestion to build
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later on in the afternoon. alison over to you. thank you. prep is well under way for tonight's 4th of july celebration on the national mall hundreds of thousands are expected to attend the annual concert and fireworks sarah simmons is live with what you need to know. good morning. >> reporter: good morning alison. crews are down here trying to prepare for tonight's big if he is sieveties the public will be allowed down here starting at 10:00 a.m. this morning, a lot of people will want to come down early and pick out their best spot they can. 10:00 a.m. is when they will be allowed down here on the national mall, 10s of thousands are expected to be down here one thing national parks service wants to make sure people know they encourage folks to take metro and not drive if you plan on coming down here, here is what you need to know. they will be open 7:00 a.m. now until midnight smithsonian metro stop will be closed most
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of the day, it will reopen for people to get off of the mall after the fireworks, so metro is also adding 6 and 8 car trains to try to deal with the crowd of people and keep this in mind for safety reasons metro says many esculators will be off and not functioning so keep that in mind you will have more walking to do from some of those metro stops. here is all you need to know if you come down to the mall there are somethings you cannot bring you are not allowed to have in. for instance, they do not allow grills, alcohol, glass bottles they do not allow personal fireworks however, you know if you need to bring water and that type of thing down you are encouraged to do because it will be hot coolers and backpacks are allowed but will be checked at the tent entrances parked by big white tents you are going through security they are checking out coolerbackpacks also for the concert tonight, 8:00 p.m.,
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folks will be allowed into that area starting 3:00 p.m., here is the line up for tonight you may know mathew morrison from glee he will be here as well as josh grobin steve martin and jordan sparks it will be an exciting 4th of july celebration crowded, hot take precautions if you are coming down here back to you in studio. thank you. all right thank you alison parades today partisan paralysis tomorrow senate cuts 4th of july vacation short and heads back to work tomorrow. foxes doug luzader on capitol hill with the story. >> reporter: congress is on vacation today but may be debt limit negotiating going on behind the scenes. celebrations and fireworks in congress' backyard last night the atmosphere here in washington is about to change. president obama didn't have public appearances over the
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weekend as he headed back to the white house from camp david joe biden was sent out the fire up the largest teachers union in chicago. >> folks we've got to wake up. it should be no surprise the same people opposed funding communities and colleges, so they could retrain workers for specific companies, in their communities, are for incentives for the same companies, who want to ship jobs overseas. >> reporter: part of the democrats drum beat of attacks on republicans as the nation edges closer to august 2nd debt deadline treasury secretary timothy geithner warned about the president is insisting on tax hikes republicans refuse to go along now there is talk of a deal that would turn on the money spigot for a short period of time to temporarily diffuse the crisis. >> better now than then but if
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we can't then we will take the savings we get now and relitigate this as we get closer to the election. >> that would mean the nations debt clock would get a lot ofdi there is also talk about making big revisions to the tax code, simplifying and getting rid of deductions companies and individuals have come the count on in washington doug luzader, fox news. this weekend another republican threw his hat into the ring, thaddeus mccotter made the announcement outside detroit he says he has an edge others don't. >> i think it is about the message and experience here in michigan what we have gone through, continue to space and hope to spare the country. he was just elected to his fifth consecutive term in congress in november.
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let's look at some of the other top stories, behind bars charged with second degree murder accused of beating justin carter to death at a party saturday night steven court gaithersburg burg the victim and suspect were acquaintances. it is not a day off for jurors in the casey anthony trial in florida they will likely begin deliberations the mother accused of murdering her own 2-year-old daughter cried in court sunday. former international monetary fund chief enjoyed his first taste of freedom he left his new york town home with his wife saturday night reports they dined on a $700 four course meal at an italian eatery. friday he was house arrest was lifted. prosecutors have since
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discovered serious problem with the maid's credibility. some economists say buying american could be key to boosting america. families let us inspect their homes, household furniture clothes and more to see what is american made and not the results coming up here stay with us [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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>> welcome back, 74 degrees some stories making headlines authorities struggling to find out how much oil spilled into the yellowstone river in montana. >> excon mobile pipeline began to leak saturday it is unclear how much leeked and where it has gone. staff spotted oil some 40 miles down stream from the leak reports of oil as far away as
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100 miles. finally some relief for people forced from their homes because of the wild fires in new mexico. evacuation order for areas effected by the fire has been lifted. people living ins will alamos can return home after being forced to evacuate last month it has burned 120,000-acres. >> from california to washington state, ski resorts are open take a look this is what it looks like at crystal mountain washington the results are open late because -- resorts are open late because they are packed with snow thanks to an unusual combination of late season storms in sierra nevada and rockyhigh pressure ushering warm air from the east hence the snow boarding in tank tops. >> crazy. what canny. -- wacky. >> i am sure that is a bonanza for them. the beach forecast meanwhile. >> very good.
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>> in honor of julie wright at a beach somewhere. >> i am sure she is. let's get right to it. a beach forecast. and generally, highest risk for a thunderstorm will be south and east if you are heading down the cape hatteras, virginia beach 90, closer to home, lower eastern shore can't rule out the possibility of a thunderstorm ocean city by 85, 88 working up the coast here a little ways, up towards bethany and dewy beach, dry along the beaches. quiet overnight a lot of heat and humidity in the forecast humidity this morning heat this afternoon. what is going on is a cold front trying to work its way
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through the area as is typical this time of year it doesn't have enough umph to clear the region. bottom line with that frontal system in the area, showers and thunderer storms reigniting later today isolated thunderstorms, less numerous than yesterday that being said some of us will see afternoon thunderstorms 88 tomorrow, typical washington weather for july highs 90, wednesday, thursday and friday. very good. let's head over to lauren now, she has a look at the roads which might be a little bit free wheeling today. a little empty let's just say it. things looking very nice, major arteries light holiday volume an accident reported in the district michigan avenue, northeast, do watch for that center to have roadway. westbound florida avenue, rhode island that is gone the road has been reopened let's take -- actually yeah, a live look i
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believe we have from arlington virginia. nice shot of the power lines this is damage we have been dealing with north glebe road closed between 32nd and 38th streets. you want to avoid that area. a quick detour around it as they work to get power cables up off the roadway and branches that have fallen across the road give yourself extra time there. other than that, again very light volume out there as you travel northbound 395, near washington boulevard closing ramps as part of the preparations for events on the national mall your best bet is take metro, arlington memorial bridge closed as well as many roads around the mall itself. 95, no problems to report for you hov restrictions lifted, belt way looks great virginia and maryland a check of your fox 5 on time traffic, over to you. thank you very much economists say if each of us spent 1% more on american product that is 18ยข a day or
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$64 a year, that would translate into 200,000 more u.s. jobs. >> more people working and spending, tax money, growth, fox's tracy has a look at one family's clothing and how much is really made in america. >> reporter: are you ready to take stock. >> i'm ready. >> reporter: robert lives in orlando and the author of four editions how americans can buy american. when we asked if we could bring roger to a family's home the take inventory of their american and non-american purchases they were excited. >> how do i become a more aware consumer. >> reporter: so were we they have two kids, 6-year-old drew, 9-year-old riley, mom and dad would love them to take part too. first up, riley's closet we've we've why did you think this was -- why did you thing this was made in america.
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>> it says america on the back. >> reporter: china. >> next up mom's closet. >> this is the closet dan and i share i am curious about coach bags. >> it is an american company. >> score one for them and one for america but what else is in here. >> nike shoes. >> american owned but all their shoes are imported from india or china. roger says the same with sketchers in fact. >> just about all the sneakers you buy are imported the only brand made in the usa is new balance 30% of the shoes are made in the us. as we dig through their closet we continue to discover just how rare an american owned and stocked store is. >> jc pennys american store. >> yes, it is. >> everything made by them all their products american. >> well, the company is american owned they have a mix of american and foreign product. look for made in america usa label be forewarned some times you will have a made in
7:21 am
usa piece of clothing produced for a foreign company so you are supporting american jobs, sure but a foreign company is reaping the profits and tax base like gilden a canadian company that operates here in the u.s. how many of these are made in america. >> it is doubtful any of these will be made in the usa. >> this orlando magic hat, made in vietnam for adidas made this china. >> a lot of hats come from china it is cheap to make them your ucf hat is made in vietnam. >> tell me my boy scout hat is made in america. >> i am hoping it is. >> made in china. overall, the they didn't farewell in regards to their clothing nor would most of us 96% of all clothing we buy in the u.s., is imported from overseas. >> nope, made in honduras,
7:22 am
vietnam, korea. >> this is my trump tie. >> let's check it out. >> sorry dan made in china. you are fired. tie made in the usa one out of three. little drew didn't do well either but summed it up well. well, i didn't think it was going to be in all these places. >> nor did we. hmm. >> eye opening. >> it is. >> if you go out trying the buy american you can have difficulty. >> i wonder if you tried -- >> 96% of all clothes sold in the country made elsewhere. >> thank you very much. >> in our next hour we move to the kitchen to find out how much in the kitchen is american made. >> someone in our area could soon be living a life of luxury. >> i came so close i bought mine near this place. >> thanks to mega millions lottery more when we come back. >> that is close tony. >> yeah.
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>> in our next half hour live at mount vernon home where the 4th of july celebration is under way of course. always 4th of july at the father of our country's house. fox 5 morning news will be right back 7:22 a.m. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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listen to this, this could be an extra special 4th of july for someone in northern virginia, a mega millions ticket purchased at giant food in herndon is $105 million. one winner 12-17-30-35-47 mega ball number 26 good luck. >> what were you saying. >> i bought a ticket. >> okay. >> i bought a ticket less than a mile away i also bought my ticket in herndon it could been me. >> i am glad it wasn't i would never see you again. >> i thought about this i would work through the summer and
7:27 am
then be gone. >> don't you love those fantasies. >> yes. >> i would do this, give my parents this much. >> absolutely. >> take care of a lot of business. >> yet we never get it. >> you get like 500 bucks. >> would i? >> sure. >> that is good maybe i did wish you won it then. better luck next time. if you are just waking up stay tuned, we will get another look at today's top stories. >> congress cutting its holiday short to deal with the debt ceiling we will check out today's political headlines in our text half hour stay with us 7:27 a.m. 
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7:30 a.m. time for an update, bicyclist killed sunday night a vick testimony of the severe storms that moved -- victim of the severe storms that moved through the region a bike fell on a man as he road his bike. a lighten strike believed to have sparked a fire at a frederick county church mount airy no one was in the church at the time one firefighter was hurt battling the flames damage is said to be around $100,000.
7:31 am
>> hundreds of thousands will pack the national mall to celebrate america's 235th birthday the capital 4th concert gets going 8:00 p.m. tonight fireworks starting just after 9:00 p.m. metro running from 7:00 a.m. to midnight you are strongly encouraged to use it to get downtown however the smithsonian stop will be closed until after the fireworks. 235, that is old i remember the buy centennial. >> yeah,. tall ships and concert on the mall, that is when they used to have rock bands and pop groups. >> right that was very fun. >> those were the days. >> okay. >> what is going on? >> i am about to choke. >> okay. >> exactly. let's get right to -- i want to mention the storm we had yesterday and pretty good rain. yes, heavy rain regan national, close to an inch of rain,
7:32 am
9/10ths of an inch. and we needed the rain, didn't need it all that quickly but needed some rain across the area, things were drying out possibility gain today, a few more rain showers and maybe a few thunderstorms i don't think they will be as numerous as yesterday that said, we are still in this rather unstable atmosphere. all right satellite radar much quieter weather, cloud cover to start your morning, rain shower activity falling apart overnight as we look west there you go you can see we have energy and more rain showers falling into portions of west virginia and ohio a frontal system waiverring across the washington area. sunshine and temperatures back in the 90s plenty of heat and juice to fuel more thunderstorms best chance will be south of the city down towards fredericks burg, richmond that said we will be close enough we have the possibility of scattered showers and thunderstorms. 74 regan national,
7:33 am
gaithersburg burg, 60s overnight, 74 annapolis, west cloud cover martins burg, 69 and hagueers town 70 degrees. code orange air quality, moderate air quality partly sunny skies a few afternoon and or evening thunderstorms developing 92 your daytime high, winds ott of the north and west -- out of the north and west, humidity lingering, 73, overnight low, a few earlier showers or thunderstorms your 5 day forecast, here we go most of the week looks quiet although this is a typical washington july forecast, highs each day upper 80s low 90s scattered shower, thunderstorm each afternoon that is a look at your weather forecast on time traffic and you can hear the horns. hey, looks like a nice forecast for 4th of july nice and hot out there. right now a new incident, dw
7:34 am
parkway, along the right side of the roadway not blocking your through lanes you want to watch out for that the wreck northeast michigan avenue, hair wood row in the center of the roadway. let's take a live look from arlington now we have power cables down because of the storms we are dealing with, last night north glebe road closed between 32nd and 38th trying to clear this out clean up definitely under way in the area, but you want to avoid that stretch of roadway, just be careful around the area a lot of branches in the road as well. a live look elsewhere dealing with very light volume belt way near gw belt way, virginia, nice and light no major problems to report all around town on the belt way 270 looks great as you head out of frederick down past german town towards the split, bethesda, 66 running well, as is 95, maryland and virginia, keep in mind hov restrictions are lifted because of the holiday, a check of your fox 5 on time
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traffic. thank you congress is cutting short its holiday week to continue work on the debt ceiling but the parties still very as far apart this morning, the editor at events newspaper and white house correspondent thanks for coming in on our big holiday day today. >> thanks for having me alison happy 4th. >> same to you. >> congress cutting their holiday short coming back the deal with the people's business how far apart are we on the debt ceiling? >> this fall will be the 40th anniversary of the cuban missile crisis to use a phrase from that crisis they are eyeball to eyeball someone has to blink the president clearly wants his cuts that are made, as well as the lifting of the tax on the highest wage earners and job creators. to republicans that is blast foam my they know in the past
7:36 am
when they -- blast tempe they know in the past when they have given in it has been a loss of support for their base and political demise of many. they have to come together on those points i will take the risk of predicting alison august 2nd they will have some kind of agreement whether it is to put entitlements on the table more severe cuts in medicaid or finally get that tax increase off the table. i think the president will have to give in. no one, whatever their bipartisan affiliation wants to see the u.s. pay greater interest on the debt and have credit down graded worldwide. former president clinton saying there could be a minideal how far does this go? >> i don't foe if i would call it a minideal, with all due respect to president clinton, i have to say, the president in the past has given in, on
7:37 am
raising taxes, i remember being at the white house press room, december 7th, leaving a family luncheon to cover him when he called a press conference suddenly to say that he didn't like it but he would give in to extending tax cuts on the highest wage earners in order to extend tax cuts on everyone else. he used strong language that day but none the less he gave in on something he had been addment about not doing days before. i think that is where a compromise might be, and republicans in turn would say permit greater cuts in pentagon spending and then try to get all entitlements on the table and maybe this might be an entry to discuss the future of medicare as contained in their alternative budget. >> let's talk about other issues another name in the race for the white house congressman mccoter how far might he go? >> it is anyone's game this
7:38 am
time alison there is no perceived real front runner as someone who has known him since he was first elected to congress i can say he is an american original he likes bob dillon composes his own music and reads books. he has a passionate love of history, and a passion for foreign policy these are things one does not normally see in the republican sweep stakes right now. frankly, not since james garfield has someone gone from the house to presidency that was in the 19th century, in the case of congressman mccotter he has a long way to go but would make the race more interesting. >> thanks for coming in on 4th of july we appreciate it. >> happy 4th to you and channel 5 team. >> over to you. >> thank you john. >> thank you tony nice to see you. >> you too. a new study says taking your kids to 4th of july
7:39 am
activities could effect how they vote as adults a closer look when we come back stay with us, 7:38 a.m. 
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welcome back 7:41 a.m. a new harvard study shows bringing children to july 4th celebration makes them more likely to favour republicans. >> that story from boston. >> fireworks and sounds from boston pops all part of the holiday celebration in the hub commemorating our independence honouring the stars and strikes does bringing children to 4th of -- stripes does bringing children to 4th of july events impact future political views, yes based on a study of 25,000 people. that is whether you are voting in elections, whether you participate in political rallies. >> a second result from his recent study showed him something surprising. >> for an additional 4th of july you celebrate during childhood you are 2% more likely to identify with the republican party as an adult 4% more likely to vote for
7:43 am
republican candidate. >> with the big day coming up we spoke to people waiting at the esplanade to find out their thoughts. >> just because you were at something as a child growing up, is not necessarily true that you are going to remain, you know, they have those same views and philosophies as an adult. >> i think at a young age there is a lot of factors going to influence your political leanings one way or the other. >> the professor said the next step is to understand why they are seeing these results people here are ready to celebrate the 4th. >> whether you are republican, democrat any other party affiliation you are american that is what july 4th is supposed to be about and means to me. >> in boston. fox news. all right. i agree. >> i like it too. >> all right. >> you like it too. >> i am agree being you. >> as i always do. >> i agree with tony too.
7:44 am
>> it is not worth the energy. >> too painful. >> not an effective debater. >> let's get to weather. >> i have the 4th forecast there is a lot of pressure. >> that is true. >> sweat all day today if we are out there. >> feeling the heat i guarantee you will feel the heat. highs in the 90s right now, we are in the 70s, 74 regan national, 72 dulles, fredericks burg, 72, ocean city pleasant day at the beach future cast together and again showers and thunderstorms across -- so many problems late yesterday afternoon and last evening out of here later this afternoon with that same frontal system you can see a few more showers and thunderstorms pop up. there we are at 5:00 p.m. tonight, you can see our weather model suggesting we will see more pop up thunderstorms be ready for that, that being said they won't be as widespread or numerous or intense as yesterday but certainly
7:45 am
possible we could see a few showers and thunderstorms bubble up later today and then later tonight, dissipate, with the overnight hours and cooling taking place your five day forecast, 92 this afternoon isolated thunderstorms, 20 to 30% chance you will see them. tomorrow 88, wouldn't you know it, tomorrow will be fine, showers and thunderstorms, wednesday, thursday, friday, typical july pattern, highs around 90. >> we didn't get to this story but six flags america, free admission to active duty and retired military personnel family members get a discounted ticket go to their website. that is great. lauren will it will you how the drive down in kings dominion is. thanks tony. right now looks great. very very light volume out there that is good news really one snag we are dealing with, northbound of gw parkway, actually blocked northbound lanes closed after gravelly
7:46 am
point because of an rv camper on fire do watch for that a lot of activity working to get that out of the way for you. elsewhere, very light volume let's take a live look route 50 heading across the bay bridge east and westbound lanes, wide open right now very nice trip, later today between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. when we will likely see a lot of that congestion build with holiday traffic right now good time to head out, elsewhere around the region. no problems to report on the belt way, 95, wide open here, hov restrictions lifted everywhere except for route 50, john hanson highway, 395 as you head northbound, towards washington boulevard exit ramps closing them off part of the closures events downtown arlington memorial bridge will be closed do plan ahead for that and take metro if you are heading down there. let's check your fox 5 on time traffic over to you. >> thank you making headlines in sports relief pitcher tyler clifford will make his first
7:47 am
ever all-star appearance for nationals, mike morris needs fan votes to get him a roster spot go to to vote him in. jason marquee looking for his 8th win of the season against the pirates, garrett jones gives pittsburgh a 5 run lead hit to the wall left center wilson reynolds could homer for dc or would, but still the nats fall, 10-2. they are now 1 game under 500 for the season. cubs are in town to begin a four game series this afternoon. orioles in atlanta against the braves top of the 7, 0s down 1, left for third homer in two days and 18th for is season that would turn out to be the game winning hit birds edge the braves 5-4 ending a 5 game losing streak. 0s face the rangers tonight in texas congratulations to catcher matt wheaters named to
7:48 am
all-star team. men's finals at womennable on the, look -- wimbledon. looking for his first win, taking first two sets 6-4 and 6- 1 but nadal rallied to win the third. he would not be deterred taking the match, and the wimbledon title in four sets. >> sweet. >> wow. >> why they are who they are. >> we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. she says she has been trying to be the fan of the day for a long time if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day go to facebook and post a comment under red diva. >> coming up, we continue our look how buying american made products could be key to boosting economy and saving
7:49 am
jobs. >> coming up after 8 we will go in a typical home to see what food is american made and what is not. holly good morning. >> good morning alison. this is spanish but it belonged to one of the most famous americans that is george washington's personal copy of don quihote. >> diane is giving us special access giving out a pair of george washington sunglasses. or are they? discover that and a whole lot more if you choose to celebrate the 4th here. all up next fox morning news stay with us 
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>> as is always the case, mount vernon estate and gardens hosting a huge celebration for independence day. >> holly good morning. >> good morning happy 4th to the both of you, as you can imagine festivities are nonstop here at mown vernon it makes -- mount vernon it makes sense they have something for everyone all ages will enjoy celebrating the 4th they have activities inside and outside so you can take a break from the heat and go back outside right now. an amazing exhibit you are going to want the take time to see when you come out today. susan is the curator she joins me good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you for working on the holiday for us. so this is one of the many things that you can do today, this is really a special opportunity to come in and see this exhibit. >> this is really a behind the scenes look at how we do history, how we put the story of mount vernon back together
7:54 am
in the 150 years the mount vernonladies association has operated for the people of america. >> it was basically empty when you got it. >> they took martha washington's things many things were bequeathed by martha to her family her three granddaughters and grandson we are standing in front of a case that has several pieces of silver rediscovered in fact just a few years ago. >> really. >> martha washington left her silver to her grandson who built arlington house now at the center of arlington national cemetery his daughter married robert e lee general in the civil war so when the civil war came arlington house was a target for union troops, mary lee packed up the silver took it into western virginia where
7:55 am
it was buried to protect it during the war this piece, this small wine cooler washington had made in 1790 came back to the collection from lee family descendents in 1981 but the large wine cooler with the four bottle holder and little wine bottle roler on top, we didn't even know existed for many years. it was depicted in a book illustration in 1859 but hasn't been seen since. until the lee family was unpacking some trunks in an attic or basement and found these two wonderful pieces. >> discoveries like that always amaze me there is a lot of ways you have been working 150 years the get things back and some times, discoveries like that are made people loan things, and some times when you get things, stories change overtime. >> well, that is absolutely right and there is an example of this with these glasses, which came to the collection, back in the 1880s they were
7:56 am
given by a great niece of george washington with the story that they had -- they were george washington's sun glasses, we had no reason to doubt that, but more recently as we have been cataloguing the selection we have learned two things, that causes us to question the story the first is this type of double lens with this folding piece with the green glass wasn't patented until 1797, two years before georges death but more importantly, this particular shape, this d frame is a style that is not made until the 1820s somewhere the story got confused and that is one of the things that happens when you do research and we have been committed over the years to constantly try to make the story of mount vernon more authentic. >> and also, you know, is a testament to the fact that the story is still evolving that makes history so exciting and what makes every visit to mount
7:57 am
vernon memorable this exhibit will be here a little while if you can't come out today that is okay but if you can you will get to see this and more they are open 8 to 5:00 p.m. they have super fun things planned throughout the day we will talk more about that in our next hour and susan will stay with us and tell us more wonderful stories from inside this exhibit and we have special wise key available today to celebrate -- whiskey available today to celebrate the fourth. >> those look like the first ever 3d classes. >> very futuristic. speaking of 3d, transformers dark of the moon a big hit at the box office. coming up, kevin mccarthy sits down with one of the stars, patrick dempsey you might know him better as dr. mcdreamy. >> also in our next hour a four legged friend who is proof, animals are resilient creatures, an amazing story of survival and now he is looking for a home stay with us we will
7:58 am
have that and more 
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> the 4th of july fireworks came a day early in the form of
8:01 am
thunder and lightning storms rolled through last night bringing with them 70-mile per hour winds on the national mall crowded with people hoping to watch the dress rehearsal for the capitol 4th concert we will let you know what you can expect with today's weather. >> live on the mall with what you need to know if you are planning to head down to watch the big fireworks tony is doing something you can't see >> i didn't mean to distract you. >> he did distract me very much. it is not a day off for jurors in the casey anthony trial in florida they will likely begin deliberations today we will take a closer look at this case coming up. i am tony perkins. >> i am alison seymour. >> yes' storms so strong they turned deadly -- yesterday's storms so strong they turned deadly, a tree fell on a man riding his book.
8:02 am
arlington virginia some residents will spend their holiday cleaning up homes, yards, cars are covered with trees, branches and other debris that came down in last night's storms. in dc the national mall was evacuated thousands were there to watch the dress rehearsal for the capitol 4th concert, eventually it did go on but had to be closed to the public. >> i grew up in wyoming when they say thunder storm i don't mess around that i don't want to be the tallest thing on an open field. i just moved to dc i was looking foreward to this but there is always next year. >> don't wait until next year, catch the real concert and thefireworks tonight of course we will check with sarah on the national mall in a minute. >> in the meantime we check with tucker barnes. >> yeah, i love your red, white and blue ensemble. >> love yours as well. >> mine is in my heart if you are trying to say something. >> really getting into the
8:03 am
spirit of things. >> i knew both of you would wear it. >> you didn't want to over due it. >> right didn't want the look like the circus or something. >> let's look at our satellite radar and cloud cover yep that is filters sunshine at the moment a lot of cloud cover across the mid-atlantic, maryland, washington, virginia. it won't be a perfectly sunny day, partly sunny later this afternoon the frontal system that caused problems yesterday, big thunderstorms that will waiver across the region later today and could service the focal point for a few more thunderstorms later this afternoon. we can't rule them out. temperatures 74 regan national, the other airports, 72 dulles, dwi marshall, 73 degrees, your forecast today typica july 4th forecast. highs low 90s partly sunny skies and wouldn't you know it a few storms possible later today timing on the storms, 3,
8:04 am
4, 5 we will see storms generally in the area. hopefully by 8, 9, 10 they will be out of here. >> thank you sir. >> prime time though. >> i know. >> lauren demarco is in the studio with us this morning talking traffic. it is what it is which is very light. >> traffic is very light we just got the keep our fingers crossed about tonight things are looking pretty good we have one incident, arlington northbound, near gravelly point we have a map, an rv camper on fire, northbound lanes gw parkway blocked the right lane the only thing that is blocked you are able to get past that using the left lane so hopefully, any delay there will begin to ease, can't imagine it is too much of a problem because we are seeing very light volume out there. one other issue we are dealing with, left over from the storms, video from arlington,
8:05 am
north glebe road between 32nd and 38th street, shut down with power cables across the roadway they are working to clear this out a lot of branches out there. this morning. >> elsewhere, things are looking pretty good all hov restrictions around town lifted, except the john hanson highway 95 maryland, no problems to report between belt ways, a new wreck reported involving a pedestrian watch for that. alison over to you. >> thank you you will want to take metro if you are heading to the july 4th celebrations on the national mall perhaps for the annual concert and fireworks, well under way. sarah simmons is live with all the details you have the best seat if you could just hang out there all day you would be golden. >> yeah, if i wanted the hang out here all day it will be a hot one. i have been listening to the forecast all day for a lot of people it will be quite a wonderful time to be down here and watch the 4th of july
8:06 am
celebrations but a lot of people down here 10s of thousands of folks expected to come down here actually starting to see a few people trickle in, an hour from now, is when they are allowing public access to the mall, that is when they will start picking out the best spot for them and their families should be a lot of fun what is not going to be fun if you think you are going to try to drive down here national park service is saying please don't do that they prefer you take metro. although that will be crowded as well if you are coming down here is what you need to know about metro, open until midnight, smithsonian station, is actually going to be closed for most of the day except for after the fireworks it will reopen so people can get on there and try to filter out here quickly, running 6 and 8 car trains, deal with crowds and for safety reasons, many of the esculators will be off. keep that in mind. here is what you can bring and can't bring no grills, this is nothing new, no grills, no
8:07 am
alcohol, no glass bottles no personal fireworks however if you want to bring coolerbackpacks, of course if you need water, snacks, that kind of thing that is allowed but they will be checked at 10 entrances places where people can get in and have to go through security you will know them they are marked by the large white tents, just like they have in years past. for the concerts, starting at 8:00 p.m. this evening, just to give you an idea mathew morrison from glee here also performing josh grobin. steve martin and jordan sparks from american idol just remember that, a lot of people down here 9:15 p.m. when they expect fireworks usually around that time depending how things are beginning and how daylight is going. so it will be crowded, just be prepared bring everything you can and lots of water because it is going to be hot back the you guys this studio. sarah simmons thanks. president obama and first
8:08 am
family will celebrate july 4th in town, host a barbecue for service members and families at the national archives. annual reading of the declaration of independence 10:00 a.m. this morning. we are following breaking news from mexico, at least six people are missing after tourist fishing boat cap sized and sank off the coast of mexico's baja california. the boat was carrying 44 people including 27 americans, there are reports one person died although the coast guard says all americans are alive the boat cap sized early sunday morning, helicopters will search the area later today >> casey anthony's life lie s with a florida jury deliberations set to get under way today. jessica stone has the latest from orlando. >> reporter: the jury in the casey anthony murder trial finally gets the case today as they decide the fate of a 25- year-old mother accused of killing her 2-year-old
8:09 am
daughter. >> prosecutors and defense attorneys went toe the toe in closing arguments sunday. >> she died because her mother decided that the life that she wanted was more important. this murder was premeditated. the defendant is guilty. >> this prosecution would raise the level of desperation, to make up for their lack of evidence. >> the state called casey anthony a liar who murdered her daughter caylee former prosecutor, maria hail said the prosecutor was methodical and succinct. >> he came right out of the box and talked about that and said it is not just the lies it is the reason behind the lies how she perpetuated them and changed them when it worked to her benefit. >> jose baez chipped away at the prosecutions theories he argued it was so weak they tried to portray her as a lying no good slut with forensic
8:10 am
evidence based on fantasy. >> lawrence walters is also critical of the states case. >> he doesn't have direct evidence of premeditation and didn't convince me that casey anthony is guilty of premeditated murder. >> in all she faces seven charges ranging from lying to police to first degree murder. if convicted of that she could face the death penalty. outside orlando courthouse jessica stone fox news. it is 8:10 a.m. the other top stories of the morning, a man behind bars charged with second degree murder accused of beating carter to death saturday night the victim and suspect were acquaintances. >> memphis police officer and a civilian shot to death at a hotel in memphis, packed with 4th of july tourists it began with a domestic dispute 7:00 p.m. last night the officer shot had taken the stairs while others took the elevator, police did
8:11 am
make an arrest. a 9-year-old massachusetts boy told two lifeguards that a woman had not come to the surface after going into a pool after him now we now know that woman died and was at the bottom of the pool for two days the boys mother told the sunday boston herald the woman bumped into her son on the slide before she went under she says her son says the one lifeguard he told said that she was on break and had the leave another lifeguard reportedly told the boy he would do a pool check but never did. tragic story. >> really is. on friday, former imt chiefdom make straws con's house arrest was lifted this weekend he took advantage and went out what he and his wife did to celebrate. this morning we have been asking for your favorite places to watch the big fireworks on the national mall. we want to share some of those locations next here on fox 5
8:12 am
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8:15 am
well, you know the tens of thousands of people are expected down on the national mall tonight to check out the fireworks if you want to avoid those crowds we are here to help we asked our facebook fans for their favorite viewing locations, sean says he enjoys the frederick douglas house on washington view southeast. she will be onboard the spirit of washington all day. that is a good spot she has watched fireworks from there for 11 years now. alisa says on television. one of the least effective ways to watch them but you do avoid the crowd. view from frederick douglas house is spectacular a secret people don't typically think about. great. >> it is a secret now tony. >> we have given it away now but you know. >> people who belong to kennedy center that is a good spot too. >> a lot of people they work for law firms and stuff
8:16 am
downtown you can get tickets to go up on the roofs but you have to work there. >> okay. >> tucker what are you going to do? >> tony, i might have to watch on tv this year. >> okay. >> sorry i have to go to work tomorrow. >> no, i know. >> got to get up at 3:00 a.m. hey, alison welcome back. so happy to have you. >> we were -- while you were again we were criticized for how we handled -- >> it was without you. >> perhaps we went off topic. >> we got in trouble over a corn on the cob incident. >> time for my first 5 photo of the day, cj everybody. >> oh. >> yes. >> adorable. what is he eating there? >> tucker? >> looks like -- >> you still in this? >> looks like more blueberries than he picked on a recent trip to the orchard. >> that is okay to do they
8:17 am
don't mind it. >> he is so little how many could he have taken. >> i bet that are really good this time of year blueberries are everywhere. >> to send your child's picture go to have a great 4th of july. >> he is a cutie pie. satellite radar picture off our view system and you will be able to see the big picture a lot of cloud cover, notice what is going on off to the west, shower activity, frontal system that came through with the bang last night thunderstorm activity, still in the region, and as long as it is kind of dancing around we have the possibility of more scattered showers and thunder showers today not a perfectly sunny day partial sunshine possibility that we could see a few more thunderstorms, puble up in the summery atmosphere later this afternoon. >> temperatures and regan national we are 76 right now, 76 up 2 degrees in the past
8:18 am
hour 75 dulles, 72 winchester, 80 ocean city. highs ocean city, mid-to upper 80s washington 92, could be an isolated storm late today, and during the evening hours tomorrow looks great, 88 then kind of that typical weather pattern wednesday, thursday, friday, highs 90 with an afternoon thunderstorm that is a look at weather, lauren is in, and the latest on your traffic lauren. we have been following the car fire northbound gw parkway arlington gravelly point we are told you are able to get by single file to the left looking at this camera scene i am not sure that is quite accurate we will see cars going by. no, emergency activity follow police direction at the scene northbound gw parkway gravelly point a lot of activity due to an rv camper on fire. also dealing with a situation in arlington north
8:19 am
glebe road, 32nd and 38th street shut down because of power cables down across the roadway a live look at that working to clear this out from last night also in this area, general a lot of branches and trees down across the roadway be careful if you are headed out there this morning. >> elsewhere around town things are looking pretty good we have reports of a wreck aspen hill road very light volume shouldn't set you back in the way of time if you are heading out there and very light volume all of your major arteries hov restrictions lifted, 895, 395, 270, john hanson highway hov restrictions in effect. that is check of your fox 5 on time traffic over to you. former international monetary fund chief dominic straws can enjoyed his first taste of strauss-kahn enjoyed his first taste of freedom they
8:20 am
spent $700 at an italian eatery. >> his house arrest was lifted he was accused of trying to rape a hotel maid back in may they have since discovered serious credibility problem s with the maid. we thank you for coming in man i know you had to watch this friday unfold a series of different news conferences held extraordinary and it really does appear -- well, it appears to me just as a viewer, you give me your input as a lawyer does it look like this case is falling apart. >> no question what it does, highlights difficulties that a prosecutor may have in a sex crimes case where you have a high profile sex crimes case, for the most part prosecutors who focus on sex crimes, want to believe the victim. particularly if they tell a come pelting story but they have an -- compelling story but
8:21 am
they have an obligation to investigate not only because of the substance of the crimes but credibility of the victim, principle witness most of these cases it is one on one the perpetrator and victim here the prosecutor i am really -- as we discussed this, not saying who is right or who is wrong but dynamic they had was mr. straws can was on an airplane -- strauss-kahn was in an airplane ready to go to france and had to make a time sensitive decision what do we do based on what sounded like credible evidence at this juncture they have done what their legal obligation and ethical obligations are as they found exculpatory evidence, they are turning that evidence over to the defense but what we are seeing in that process is how their case is really falling apart. >> cyrus advance the district attorney was a little on the
8:22 am
defensive friday but as you say what they are -- they are doing their due diligence these may be -- all this new information may be surprising to us and it was surprising to them when they found it out but they are doing what they are supposed to do, doing the investigation and where do they stand. >> why didn't you do it before. >> it is a time sensitive issue. >> right because he was getting on a plane. these dynamic issues involving her background -- the victims background, credibility, really become the focus of what we have heard about in the past week or so, are only the type of information, that can come out, through extended questioning, extended investigations initial focus of the investigation is always what happened in that room, is there evidence to support it and what has compounded all
8:23 am
this are statements victims personal lawyer has been making who he and she both have a significant economic incentive to see this case survive. >> of course. fordom make strauss-kahn he had to step down from his position, spending money on defense, talked about as a candidate for president in france a lot of damage is done to him say the charges go away does he have recourse. >> the victim, is judgment proof, but yes, he could bring a case against her people are saying can he bring a case against the district attorney's office i think there is a certain immunity from prosecution there they probably had adequate probable cause the more interesting question is the victim has a lawyer, who has been making statements, to the public, that arguably
8:24 am
cannot be co-operated that could be more interesting as to whether there is a potential case against the victim and the lawyer but in terms of fixing his reputation, i think the best he can really hope for is for the district attorneys office ultimately to say we are not pursuing charges. >> okay very good. very interesting case. all the more interesting now in the wake of what happened friday. thank you for coming in. >> good to see you >> >> alison back to you. >> another big story this morning an oil spill from an exxon mobile pipeline into a major river and conflicting reports about just how bad it is. then in our next half hour live at mount vernon where the 4th of july celebration is already under way stay with us fox 5 morning news will be right back. 8:24 a.m.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
welcome back 8:27 a.m. fire officials say a tree falling on to power lines sparked the los alamos wild fire they burned 121,000-acres and only 11% contained but there is a bit of good news some residents evacuated in los alamos and nearby communities were allowed to return to their homes this weekend. >> meantime a discrepancy about
8:28 am
how much oil spilled into the yellowstone river in montana. reps with excon mobile say there is a 10-mile spill but some in montana say that is premature. some oil has been spotted 40 miles down stream but reports as far away as 100 miles the governor says physical inspection of the river by boat will be done. generally when someone retires from the army it doesn't make headline news but command sergeant major jeff mellinger's story is different than most. >> in our next half hour a four legged friend proof animals are resilient creatures, colten has an amazing story of survival and now he is looking for a home. he is adorable. stay with us we have his story as we continue 8:28 a.m. now 0 agnd bco [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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if you are spending this holiday looking for a new job don't forget to check out our job shop our job of the day is with looking for a regional marketing director in fairfax county for more go to click on the job shop tab on the top of our home page. the last vietnam era war draftee is retiring after 39 years sergeant major jeff mellinger joined the army in 1972 and has been enlisted ever since he was assigned to be an office clerk in germany but earned a spot in army rangers and would go on to do more than 3700 parachute jumps. he was also sent to ground zero after 9/11 and spent nearly three consecutive years in iraq. >> we salute him. that is wonderful. >> good for him. quite a career. >> tucker barnes joins us now
8:33 am
he has an update on today's weather. >> that is a mistake i would be not having been here a week. >> you called me the same thing. >> enough on that. let's move on. >> i think it is sweet. >> when you say it, it is but when he says it, it is awkward. >> it just slipped out. i didn't mean to say it publicly. shower activity, cloud cover, moving on, breaks here out to winchester, martins burg, breaks now, clearing here before long and a little sunshine work in the picture, partly sunny day but with a cold front, responsible for igniting those thunderstorms last night that caused all the problems with that frontal system not having enough umph the possibility of more showers and thunderstorms firing up along that front later today.
8:34 am
we are not done with it yet, most of today should be dry but be ready for it between 3 and 6 tonight possibility of more showers and thunderstorms, best chance south and southeast of the city later this afternoon. >> warming up 76 regan national, 76 annapolis and 73 winchester your forecast today code orange air quality moderate, take it easy partly sunny skies, hot 92 degrees possibility of a few more afternoon and or evening thunderstorms wind out of the north and west, 5 to 10 miles per hour, later tonight, humid overnight cloudy, could be an early storm generally out of here 7, 8:00 p.m. at night fireworks 9, 9:30 p.m., should be fine at the mall. 88 tomorrow lots of sunshine, 90 wednesday. highs in the summary range, 90. the forecast tony, back over to
8:35 am
you. thank you very much. an innocent dog shot and left to friend for himself ends up in the hands of washington animal rescue league. we are introduced to a brave four legged friend living proof animals are amazing creatures. you would never know 2.5- year-old colten is recovering from being shot just days ago given his outstanding personality, the staff at washington animal rescue league say he is bouncing back and on a quick road to recovery. >> dogs are incredibly resilient he is a poster boy for resilience we believe he will be a normal happy dog. >> sadly the retriever mix isn't used to a normal life he often lived under a woman's porch in hardy county west virginia, just down the street from his real home which isn't unusual in that part of town but his owner turned his back on him when he found out he had been shot.
8:36 am
>> the owner of the house recognized the dog and went to see the dog's owner who basically said i don't care just let the dog run loose the dog was clearly hurt. that good samaritan brought the dog to a local vet who did initial treatment but they called us. when colten first arrived he had a bullet in his chest from a rifle that shattered into tiny fragments which at this point cannot be removed. >> fragments so small and deep it would be more of a risk to remove but safe enough to leave alone. >> good news is even though there is a lot of vital structures here all the main arteries of the body go through in the throat his trachea is right here esophagus is here there is no major damage to anything vital. >> colten has a lot to be thankful for and expresses his gratitude to anyone who pats him on the head an open hearted dog who happily greets anyone
8:37 am
who stoops to say hello tail wagging paws in a motion to embrace his human friends. >> i don't think anyone should ever shoot an animal they have the right to live just like we do. >> colten passed his behavioural exam he will be up for adoption starting tomorrow. that is great if you have room in your heart to adopt colt season provide a forever home for this little guy visit for more information. tony and alison. >> breaks your heart. >> it does. >> how people treat animals he will get a good home. >> i believe it. >> very quickly thank you. >> coming up on this 4th of july how buying american made products could be key to saving jobs we go inside a typical home and check out food to see what is american made and what is not. >> speaking of food big changes to this year's nathans hot dog
8:38 am
eating contest. sonia the black widow could benefit she only weighs 105 pounds. >> amazing can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
8:39 am
a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough.
8:40 am
my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. last hour we told you how
8:41 am
each of us simply spent an extra $64 a year on american products we could together create 200,000 more u.s. jobs. >> we looked at clothing at 7 now we take a look at the one thing we all spent a lot of money on, food. >> here we are. >> when we first introduced the author of how americans can buy american, the end results weren't pretty. >> you haven't even heard of those places? >> this says made in pakistan. >> vast majority of clothing, in their closet made overseas and or for foreign companies. that was the same for riley and dan and mindy too but when it comes to the kitchen a much better story. >> lots of florida oranges, sun kissed. >> good start. >> now on to the coolest part literally. >> a lot of american products, coca-cola zero, american, hawaiian punch is also american, this down here on the
8:42 am
bottom juicy juice is owned by nestle a swiss company that is where profits go and taxes are paid in switzerland. >> hell man's mayonnaise. >> owned by a company called unilever owned by a british company. kraft is owned by british. even still it is very easy to get tripped up with ownership. >> that's why i love nestle crunch. >> nestle owned by the swiss. >> do most people think it is american. >> it is a familiar brand most people think if it is familiar, it would be american they want something they are comfortable with. percentage wise, foreign versus american what would you say 50/50. >> 80% american. in the freezer more of the
8:43 am
same. >> we are doing really good here lots of american product. aunt gentlemen my ma, shuckers, jimmy dean. weight watchers. >> mom min diis feeling proud but a quit inventory of their pantry brings more questioning. >> with the marinera sauce the jar will say imported or authentic from italy how does that work? >> it is an italian sounding name bought out by a spanish company. >> but she had american too. overall they get an a on food choices. proud, mom min diadmits it was mostly by chance but now she feels empowered. >> i will be aware of it and look for those products that are made in america, and help support our country. >> a real awakening for us. >> fox news. >> hmm better than -- with the
8:44 am
clothing. >> yeah. >> very good. >> transformers dark of the moon a big hit at the box office. >> coming up movie reviewer kevin mccarthy sits down with patrick dempsey you may better know as dr. mcdreamy holly good morning. >> good morning to you, live at mount vernon, in fact, i happen to be standing next to the original weather vain that was on top of the mount vernon mansion on top, the general wanted that specifically. and i think if the first president was here he would make sure the weather would be perfect for all of today's festivities we will show you first hand why your own celebration needs to start here. all next on fox 5 morning news stay with us 
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
she held her own for years against the guys but today sonia the black widow thomas will go against eight other women for the first time in 100 years they decided to have a woman only contest she is from
8:48 am
alexandria and weighs 105 pounds holds the women's record in 2009 she stuffed 41 hot dogs into her in 10 minutes. >> how much does she weigh? >> 105 pounds. >> that is amazing i think i will get into the race and call myself alison maizing eater seymour. >> cow don't want to do what -- you don't want to do what they do. >> big money with that. >> you want to do it and be in distress the rest of the day. >> oh, gross. you are right tony i hope you win. >> fox 5s holly morrison getting us in the patriotic spirit. >> at mount vernon where they are hosting a 4th of july celebration all day long it is really a 4th of july every day. >> reporter: it is 4th of july every day here at mount vernon they do it up right on special days of the year, america's birthday happens to be one of them we thought it would be fun this hour to pick out a little red, white and blue to share with you and helping us out,
8:49 am
sue tan the curator of bringing them home restoring the washington collection thanks for sticking around. >> thanks. >> this is about bringing back the things that made this place a home when the washingtons were here we will focus on marcia. >> right. >> we call this our washington style gallery we have an extraordinary collection of martha washington's jewellery this is her garnet jewellery she had a spectacular collection of red stones from bohemia acquired when she was a young woman in her 20s and 30s. >> i thought my flag pin was nice but that would have spiced up my outfit. that is our red, absolutely gorgeous. let's go over here to the -- she clearly likes jewellery >> she had a wonderful collection and beautiful silk and satten gowns she would have worn it with. >> tell us what we are looking at. >> seed pearl jewellery neo-
8:50 am
classical style that was popular later in her life. this is the kind of thing she would have shown off as first lady. >> how did you get this jewellery? >> much of it was handed down through her granddaughters and their descendents some of the pieces were even remade, the little cross at the top was remade the time of the civil war for her great great grandchildren. >> at least they knew enough to realize this is something we should preserve and keep >> they did with little notes explaining what it was. and since it will be rather warm on this july 4th. >> right. >> now would be appropriate for us to talk about martha's bathing gown. >> this is one of my favorite pieces in the collection it is so personal and so unusual. no it ski bitty yellow polka dot bikini but this is what she used to bathe in the warm springs. >> you mean this is her swim suit. >> this is her swim suit.
8:51 am
>> not taking a shower. >> it has lead weights at the bottom when she walked into the water you can see just like the bottom of a coat so it would weigh it down and wouldn't rise up when she walked into the water. for her modesty. >> that is for her modesty. as far as you know this is the only one that exists. >> the only surviving 18th century women's bathing gown no one saved this it wasn't a fancy ball dress wasn't a wedding dress. this wouldn't have been saved except descendents preserved it as their beloved grandmother. >> we have town the red, white and -- shown the red, the white the blue now this limited edition rye wise key tell me about this. >> -- whiskey. tell me about this. >> george washington had the
8:52 am
largest distillery we have con instructed this on the original site you can come and buy a sample. >> you can only get this at the gift shop at the distillery. >> probably only for the next couple hours. >> this is not for the faint of heart. >> not at all this is strong stuff. >> 43% alcohol is what she is trying to say. >> thank you so much and happy 4th to you. >> you too. >> our website we have a link to mount vernon it is already open, doors opened 8:00 a.m. open until 5:00 p.m. this afternoon one of the biggest things they are doing is coming at 5:30 p.m. when the general himself will be here reviewing the troops we will take part in that back to you in studio. >> 43% alcohol. my goodness. wow. >> happy birthday america. >> right. >> thank you holly. >> appreciate it. we want to say good more thanking to our facebook fan of
8:53 am
the day, rediva watson she has been trying for a long time been fan of the day if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day search us on facebook. then post a comment under her photo. actor patrick dempsey one of the big names starring in trans formers three. >> he is used to working on the small screen but an action movie takes a different set of skills, kevin mccarthy talked about that and whether it is intimidating to work with some of hollywood's beautiful people. >> you got your career in movies and tv do you get nervous acting with a beautiful woman? the you get choked up? >> some times you are a little nervous until you get the know them then it gets easier. >> you are dealing with things that aren't there in real life, these elements as an actor, do you find that harder or what
8:54 am
are you looking at in your scene. >> michael is good about showing us the sequence he has a little digital movie of what is going on and where the special effects will go then you look at a scan of the face of whatever characters you have to relate to. not that bad you get used to it >> chef it is not talking back to you though are there moments where out takes, or is it always serious onset. >> no, there is moments where you can get loose and then the serious moments it is a nice flow throughout the day depends how well you are doing it gets tense if you are behind and it is a big shot and then you lighten it up after you get it. i like that level of intensity. michael creates that. really good positive tension on the set. >> your characters without giving anything away. >> i show a different side. >> as an actor do you some
8:55 am
times pigeon hole into a particular characters. >> the most fun i have had in a long time and you wake up really excited you are like i get a chance to test something out here and do something new and keep it fresh for myself and hopefully other people and you really have to show people you can do something else before they believe it you know you have to prove it it was nice that michael will allow me the opportunity to be a part of this movie >> patrick dempsey. >> there you go. >> several organizations in prince georges county are using the holiday, july 4th to have civil rights summer >> they want to make sure you know about your civil rights investigating complaints about unlawful conduct by the police we will take a closer look at 9 stay with us, 5 minutes to 9 we will be right back r beth!
8:56 am
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good monday morning i am alison seymour. i am tony perkens it is monday july 4th. >> a hack attack this morning hackers reportedly got their hands on one political twitter feed and aiming tweets at and about president obama. national mall preparing for big crowds today, 4th of july celebrations get under way of course we have everything you need to know to make the most out of the holiday weather you are heading downtown or celebrating right at home >> congress coming back early from vacation to tackle the nations looming debt deadline are they making any progress a closer look coming up. all right, now we are taking a live lookout doors on this 4th of july certainly looks better than last night. severe storms, knocked out power took down trees as well those storms, so strong they turned deadly a 56-year-old

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